Banbury Crossroads School Society was incorporated as a registered, non-profit organization on October 4th, 1979. This formed a legal support vehicle for the establishment and future support of the school.

Shortly after this, on September 11, 1980, Asilat Learning Systems Ltd. was incorporated, with Diane Cummings the only shareholder, to provide a practical vehicle for operating the school.

The school opened its doors on November 1, 1979, in the Banbury of the Principal, Diane Cummings. It began with two students. As the number of students grew, the location changed to accommodate the increase. When the student enrolment reached twelve, residential accommodation was abandoned for rented classrooms in public schools. For two years, such space was sub-leased from another private school, using the old Balmoral Cottage School, and then the Bridgeland School.

Discovering the inflexibility of classroom space, the school ventured upon commercial space, first in the Mayland Office Park, then in the Calgary Union Building. The following five years were spent in another commercial building around the corner, and just north of Rouleauville Park. In this location, we were able to design a space with many small rooms.

We outgrew this space, however, and in August of 1997, we moved into Plaza 14, at 807 - 14th Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta.

In Fall of 2005 we have acquired a brand new location at #201 2451 Dieppe Avenue S.W. This is our finest location yet, and we are very pleased to be here.