Students are expected to be in attendance at school during school hours, and at appropriate school functions. They are not to leave the school before the recognized time and dates without permission. Classes begin promptly and attendance is taken at the beginning of classes in the morning and again after lunch every day.

Junior and High School students must sign in at the office by writing in the time in the attendance book and initialing it. Teachers will notify the office is a student is not present. Students not signed in by 9:30 will receive a phone call home.

All pre-school children need to be signed in and out each day with their teachers.

If a student is going to be away for the day, he/she or a member of the family should telephone the school at 403-270-7787 to inform the staff, between 8:00 and 9:00 am at the latest on that day. If we have not been notified and the student is absent at attendance time, we will phone the parents or guardian. The school requests as much advance notice as possible for absences other than illness. Some high school students may find it beneficial to work at home from time to time for reasons such as studying for exams, writing term papers, or needing temporary solitude. These arrangements would require sufficient communication between teachers, students and parents.