There is no cafeteria at Banbury Crossroads School; however, there is a kitchen that contains several microwaves, a refrigerator and oven, all of which can be used in the preparation and storage of bagged lunches. All students are to bring their own lunches from home each day. If food needs to be heated, appropriate microwavable dishes and cutlery should be included. We encourage parents and students to pack healthy, nutritional lunches and snacks. Use of carbonated beverages or junk food is discouraged.

Lunches and snacks are to be eaten in the lunch room, or areas with tile flooring, such as the kitchen or hallways. Elementary children have only a few minutes in the morning to eat a quick snack, so we suggest sending items such as fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, or granola bars.

We expect everyone to clean up the area they eat in and wash any dishes or utensils they may borrow from the kitchen.