Care of Personal Property

Care of Personal Property:

Respect must be shown for the other people in this building, in order to ensure a peaceful environment for the businesses and professional practices in B1. As well, we all have a responsibility to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning within the school. Thus, we must observe a reasonable quietness within the public lobbies, hallways, classrooms and library.

Care of persons is maintained through respectful communication and negotiation of differences. We believe that all people have a right and a responsibility to problem solve when disagreements occur, and to seek assistance from a teacher if necessary. See our Conflict Resolution Policy for a detailed description of procedures.

It is expected that students will only touch property belonging to the school or to others if they have requested and received permission to do so first. Lockers and study desks are for the primary use of the occupiers, and their privacy must be respected. Accidents do happen, but if they do, the person causing the damage should make amends by replacing the broken or lost item. If the perpetrator of the lost or damaged cannot be ascertained, the school declines responsibility for replacing the lost or damaged item.

Audio-visual equipment and School-owned laptops may only be used under teacher direction or supervision, or under the supervision of the person who owns the equipment.

Students must take responsibility for their own tidiness within the facilities, by placing rubbish in available garbage cans and recyclable containers in bins (after emptying them out), as well as by generally cleaning up after themselves. Lockers should be cleaned regularly to prevent molding food or other health hazards.

On days of inclement weather, all visitors, parents, teachers and students must leave wet or dirty footwear at the door. It is a good idea for all teachers and students to have a pair of inside shoes, which should remain at the school, and weather appropriate outdoor footwear. Slippers are fine for indoors and should have some kind of grip on them for safety reasons.