Computer Use

Computer Use:

Our school has designed its computer network so that each classroom has a number of computers for teacher/student use within it. Our Computer Tech sets up and maintains this system. In accordance with our policy, all users must agree to the following care instructions:

  • To handle all equipment with the same care accorded to personal equipment.
  • To replace any components that break due to negligence or willful damage.
  • To use only installed software on all units.
  • To not tamper with other users’ files.
  • To not rearrange computer peripherals.
  • To not tamper with software or hardware settings.
  • To not use the computers for recreational use during school instructional hours.
  • To refrain from assessing Internet sites where content may be considered morally questionable.

For more details on technology use, see our Technology Policy in the policy manual.

Personal laptops may be brought to school for appropriate student use. The same expectations that we hold for school computers is in effect. The school will not be responsible for lost or damaged equipment.