Books and Stationery Supplies

Elementary students pay a book fee that covers the cost of some classroom materials, photocopying and consumable workbooks. Junior and Senior High School students also pay a $350.00 fee that covers the inevitable books and resource materials held in the school. If the books ordered by the student cost more than $350.00, then the parents are charged the additional amount. These books are owned by the students, and they will have a choice at the end of the term of selling them to other students or the school (if we need them), or else keeping them.

The school does not provide stationery supplies to students. Every student receives a list at the beginning of the year, detailing materials needed for the entire year. Almost everything on this list has a significant and specific purpose. It is helpful if all pieces of a student’s belongings are labeled with a permanent marker. Failure to obtain all of the supplies listed will result in students most likely running out of supplies, and needing to replenish these throughout the year.

All students have a locker or classroom closet and storage space to maintain their supplies. Extra supplies can be kept in a storage bin brought from home for access throughout the year.

For those using a locker, we recommend using a combination lock as there have been many lost keys over the years. Any lock left on the lockers after the final day of school in June will be removed with bolt cutters.