Students are transported to and from their excursions by the school vans, driven by a volunteer teacher or parent drivers or by city transit. For volunteer drivers, it is recommended that you check with your insurance companies to ensure you are covered for such occasion use. All volunteer drivers must have no more passengers in their car than seat belts, must follow restrictions on front seat use with air bags as outlined in their vehicles manual and must not operate cell phones while driving with students in the vehicle. All children less than 40 pounds must be secured in a properly fastened, 5 point harness car seat. All children 40-80 pounds should ride on a booster seat unless parents give permission for them not to.

Any high school students who have an Alberta Operator’s License may drive themselves on field trips, but they may not carry other students unless specific parental permission is provided by both sets of parents. We recommend this policy for any excursions during school hours, even at lunch hour, to prevent liability and safety problems for the student driver and the passengers. Many accidents involving young drivers occur while their cars are occupied by friends.