Join us for our full-year
English Immersion Program!

Banbury Crossroads School offers limited enrollment spots for international students wishing for a full-year English Immersion program in Calgary, AB, Canada.

9 Great Reasons for studying English in our
English Immersion program at Banbury Crossroads!

International students are welcome to apply to register for Elementary (Grades 1-6), Junior (Grades 7-9), and Senior High (Grades 10-12) level. We offer one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios, averaging 8:1. We deliver curricular material in a primarily tutorial-based style. We have certified ESL teachers on staff, providing daily ESL support instruction in addition to the regular Alberta curriculum. Students are immersed in an English-language setting, and receive constant opportunities for social interaction. Our registrations are for full-year programs, starting at the end of August to end of June. Students must have some English-language competency prior to being registered. Please use the form below to get in touch with our Recruitment Team!

  1. Small Group Environment: 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio for personalized attention!
  2. ESL Support: Study classes in English with close ESL support from certified teachers!
  3. Mixed Aged Groups: Age 3-6, 7-11, and 12-18.
  4. Interest-Based: You learn English based on your favourite subjects.
  5. Compassionate, collaborative approach to education!
  6. Mutual Respect: We immediately resolve disputes which creates mutual respect
  7. Real-World Experiences: We take you on field trips, offer art, coding, cooking, and music classes.
BANBURY's English Immersion

When students apply to register, they are interviewed via teleconferencing to determine overall suitability. Once the student is enrolled, they are given the opportunity for assessment, including Student-Directed Topics of Interest Assessment. Once the teaching staff understand their level of English competency, and their personal interests and goals, then each student is given an individual learning plan. Once students are in High School, and once they achieve the required standards according to Alberta Education, they will receive credits for their courses, including any ESL courses. This unique, Self-Directed Learning program offered at Banbury Crossroads allows students to explore a variety of topics and activities through experiential learning. International students learn how to interact comfortably with native English speakers, both inside, and outside, of school. Enhancing the student’s basic competency in English occurs through reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice, with emphasis on experiential, and project-based learning. ESL teachers are available for providing English language skills, and for support through academic courses, through one-on-one instruction. Students will learn both everyday English proficiency, as well as academic English proficiency, from having studied here, immersed in English.

Admission & Registration

Send an email to [email protected]Once a student has applied, the Recruitment Team will assist with more information and understanding our registration process.

  1. Students must undergo a teleconferencing call with the School to determine mutual suitability
  2. Pay registration fee and tuition deposit
  3. The School will issue a Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  4. Tuition fees must be paid in full to secure spot 
We are happy to work with International Education Agents, and provide a commission fee to Agents who refer students to our School. 
Fee Structure

Registration Fee: $500 CAD

Tuition Fee: $29,800 for the full year, and $15,800 for the half year (One Semester).

Sibling Discount: 10% reduction each student enrolled.

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