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Banbury's Newsletter Screenshot April/May 2021

Apr/May 2021

Spring is in the air! Things are blooming and everything comes to life.

Meet our new teacher Pat and our cleaning team Maria and Rose. 

Newsletter Screenshot March April 2021

Mar/Apr 2021

~ Earth Day 2021 ~

Banbury students acknowledged this year’s EARTH DAY by cleaning up garbage on the grounds around the school.

Thank you students for being part of a better and more conscious world!

Feb/Mar 2021

On Friday, March 19,
the highschoolers traveled the world without actually leaving Banbury.

Meet our teachers Doan and Patti.

Picture of Banbury's newsletter January February 2021

Jan/Feb 2021

Valentine’s Greetings to all our Banbury Family!

Meet our teachers Jon and Rachel.

Picture of Banbury's newsletter December and January 2021

Dec/Jan 2021

Greetings for the beginning of a new year with better times ahead! Happy New Year 2021!

Meet our founder Diane and our office administrator, Anne.

Picture of Banbury's newsletter November December 2021

Nov/Dec 2021

Banbury wishes the Banbury community a rejuvenating Christmas and a healthy and safe New Year 2021 ahead.

Meet our teachers Rock and Cristina.

Banbury's Newsletter October November 2021

OCT/Nov 2021

Hallowe’en at Banbury!
~ nothing beats a day of fun at school!

Meet our teachers Karen and Alanna.

Sep/Oct 2021

We are thankful for everyone here at Banbury Crossroads School, good health, family, and friends. Have a fun and relaxing holiday.

Meet our new teachers Grace and Sam.

Banbury In the news

Self-directed learning

Philosophy focuses on individual help rather than classroom lectures.

Calgary Herald 2020


Homework, who wants it? Not Banbury Crossroads School!

Calgary Herald 2016

An Alumni

Rachel Mclean’s grade school education had her perfectly prepared for the transition to university.

Calgary Herald 2015

Diane Swiatek in the news in Calgary's Herald

The Director

Banbury Crossroads head of school strives to empower students

Calgary Herald 2015

Community Now! Magazine

Volume 1

Diane writes about “Why we need to talk about education”.

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Volume 2

Diane writes about “The importance of picking the “Right” schooling for our children and how to do it”.

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Volume 3

Diane writes about “Class Size: An anecdotal viewpoint”.

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Volume 4

Diane writes about “Mental health begins at birth: A children’s manifesto”.

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