Admission Process

Since 1979, Banbury Crossroads School has offered a caring, positive and individualized learning experience in a safe family atmosphere for children from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.  To achieve this unique learning environment, our student: teacher ratio is 8:1.  We know that our developmentally appropriate and personalized experiences are second to none. 

Admission to Banbury Crossroads Private School requires a careful discernment and matching procedure between the philosophical goals and expectations of the School, and those of the prospective students and their parents.  It is a mutual process.  

We invite interested parents and students to arrange a visit to our school and meet with the Director. This visual experience and discussion with the Director and other school members are invaluable for clarifying the philosophical and practical applications of the School. During the school term, we also offer a free two-day trial period. This allows children the opportunity to observe their comfort level with other students, teachers and the academic process.  It also allows teachers and students to participate in the decision-making procedure along with the administration and parents.  

Fee Schedule 2023/2024
Deposit (Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable): $3,000
Registration Fee 
(Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable): $500

Tuition Fee (Full Academic Year)
Grades Jr. K, K, 1: $20, 800
Grades 2 – 6: $22, 800
Grades 7 – 12: $24, 800
Adult Student: $29, 800

Bussing Services through Southland Transportation
$250/month per student from September 2023 – end of January 2024
$350/month per student from February 2024 forward

Please contact [email protected] or call 403-270-7787 to arrange for a tour. 

Rights and Responsibilities

We have the right to be heard and listened to and have our wishes respected.
We have the responsibility to listen to other people and respect them.

We have the right to work in peace.
We have the responsibility to leave others alone when they are working.

We have the right to problem solve when disagreements occur.
We have the responsibility to solve problems with the people involved and to seek assistance from a teacher if necessary.

We have the right to have our things left alone.
We have the responsibility to leave other people’s things alone or ask to borrow something.

We have the right to be safe both physically and emotionally.
We have the responsibility to keep our hands and feet to ourselves and speak nicely to one another.

We have the right to privacy.
We have the responsibility to allow people their space.


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