Foreign Students

International Elementary, Junior and Senior High students from a variety of countries are happy and relaxed, and learn more quickly, in Banbury’s nurturing environment. Banbury offers a family-like setting with a 1 to 10 teacher to student ratio. Students receive English as a Second Language instruction from an enthusiastic ESL teacher in a small setting. International students also experience the regular Banbury classes, where they will be immersed in an English language setting, and receive opportunities for social interaction. In addition to academic courses, we also offer real world experiences, such as field trips, food studies, art and music classes. We follow and enhance the Alberta Education Curriculum. Banbury Crossroads provides small classes for individualized teaching suitable to each student’s specific language and academic needs.

Banbury ESL Curriculum:

Learning the English language occurs through reading, writing, listening and speaking practice, with emphasis on experiential and project-based learning. ESL teachers also provide academic support for core subject learning, through one-on-one instruction. In order to actively participate in academic courses, English language learners should master two distinct forms of English language: everyday English proficiency and academic English proficiency.

When students enroll at Banbury, they are given a Student Needs Assessment and a Student-Directed Topics of Interest Assessment. Once the teacher understands their level of English competency, and their personal interests, then each student is given an individual learning plan. Once students are in High School, and once they achieve the required standards according to Alberta Education, they will receive credits for their ESL courses.

The unique, self-directed program offered at Banbury allows students to explore a variety of topics and activities through experiential learning. They learn how to interact comfortably with English speakers, both inside and outside of school. This effective and interesting approach is effective and engaging.

Admission and Registration:

Contact may be made by telephone at 403.270.7787, or by email at Registration papers are included under Registration Forms on this website. If acceptance letters are required, you can fill out the Application for Acceptance Letter Form, also found on our website.

School Fees:

School Fees for International students are paid in full, either with a credit card, cash, or money order, prior to or upon arrival. Fees paid with a credit card will have a 5% surcharge levied to cover our costs of providing this service .

Once the school has decided to admit a student, the parents of that student must commit to the agreed-upon time period of attendance at the school. As a further note, if parents DO receive a Visa for their child and subsequently change their mind prior to the school year starting, we will only refund part of their payment, taking a $2,500 penalty payment for their change of mind. If parents withdraw their child during the school year, there are no refunds of tuition payments made. 

Registration Fee:

    Full-Time Students:   $350.00

    Part-Time Students:   $175.00

Tuition Fee:


Family Rate:

First Child:Full fare
Second and subsequent children:4% reduction

Part-Time Students: Pro-rated, according to months attended

Additional Fees:   Please refer to Tuition and Related Fees Policy under Prospective Students on our website.