School Hours and Schedule

School Office Hours of Operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends, Statutory Holidays. Office hours may vary during winter, spring & summer breaks.

PreK – Grade 6

Start: 9:00 am

Break/Recess: 10:40-10:55 am

Lunch: 12:00-12:55 pm

End: 3:30 pm

Friday: End: 2:30 pm

Grade 7 – 12

Start: 9:00 am

Break/Recess: 10:30-10:40 am

Lunch: 12:00-12:55 pm (except Fridays)

End: 3:35 pm

Friday: End: 1:45 pm (no lunch break)

Breaks and Lunches

Elementary children have scheduled breaks during the day and are expected to go outside to get some fresh air and exercise. This time is considered a very important part of the school day. There are countless studies done on the benefits of outside play and exercise relating to academic success and emotional well-being. Teachers may on occasion keep students in at recess times to provide remedial one-to-one assistance, or to participate in extracurricular activities and special events. Teachers may also take students out for unscheduled breaks or outside activities at their discretion. Any students who request to stay indoors during these times are dealt with on an individual basis and are subject to available supervision. 

 Secondary students take a 10-minute break in the morning when suitable. They are not to leave the school at that time. At noon, secondary students may leave the school to obtain lunch or get some exercise and fresh air. There are no breaks in the afternoon.



Cooking Class Recipes

Banbury's cooking classes create wonderful dishes


We wish to encourage individual expression and development at our school. Therefore, there is no uniform for students at Banbury Crossroads. Children can easily choose their own clothing and doing so is a particularly suitable means of satisfying our quest to provide meaningful choices for children. Clothing should simply be neat, clean, and appropriate for a multi-aged learning environment.

 Suitable sportswear, particularly shoes appropriate to the activity, shall be worn in all Physical Education classes. Students and teachers should have inside shoes that remain at the school. These are especially important at times when outdoor conditions are wet and dirty.


Recess, physical education activities, and field trips can occur outside all year round, so appropriate clothing such as hats, mitts, snow pants, sweatpants/sweatshirts, sunscreen, etc. may be required from time to time.

 Items can be stored in individual lockers or in classroom closets where available.


Care of School and Personal Property

Respect must be shown for everyone in the school in order to ensure a peaceful environment for the businesses and professional practices within the building in which we reside. As well, we all have a responsibility to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning within the school. Thus, we must observe a reasonable quietness within the public lobbies, hallways, classrooms,

It is expected that students will only touch property belonging to the school or to others if they have requested and received permission to do so first. Lockers and study desks are for the primary use of the occupiers, and their privacy must be respected. Accidents do happen, but if they do, the person causing the damage should make amends by replacing the broken or lost item. If the perpetrator of the lost or damaged cannot be ascertained, the school declines responsibility for replacing the lost or damaged item.

Students must take responsibility for their own tidiness within the facilities, by placing rubbish in available garbage cans and recyclable containers in bins (after emptying them out), as well as by generally cleaning up after themselves. Lockers should be cleaned regularly to prevent molding food or other health hazards.

On days of inclement weather, all visitors, parents, teachers, and students must leave wet or dirty footwear at the door.

Audio-visual equipment and School-owned laptops may only be used under teacher direction or supervision, or under the supervision of the person who owns the equipment. Each classroom has computers for teacher/student use. Personal laptops may be brought to school for appropriate student use.


Students are transported to and from their excursions by the school vans, southland buses, or by city transit. When riding in school vans, all children less than 40 pounds are secured in a properly fastened, 5 point harness car seat. All children 40-80 pounds ride on a booster seat unless parents give permission for them not to.

Busing Services Update: We are happy to offer busing services, provided we have enough interest from our school community. The availability of busing for before and after school pickup and drop-off will depend on the number of students signing up for this service.

For more information about the busing services and to sign up, please reach out to [email protected].

Field Trips and Extra Curriculars

Field trips are an essential element of a Banbury Crossroads education. Our students have a strong interest in learning about and being a part of our community. Field trips provide them with hands-on learning experiences that keeps them engaged and prevent them from feeling confined within the walls of a school building. We firmly believe in exposing learners to the world they are studying, rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures in a book. We aim to help students feel confident and adaptable in various environments, such as nature, outdoors and places of business. Off-campus excursions cater to diverse learning styles and abilities, and often align with multiple curricular outcomes from various subjects.

Past field trips and events have included:

  • Leighton Arts Centre
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Wetlands
  • Live theatre
  • A morgue
  • Horseback riding
  • Wall climbing
  • Archery
  • Fish hatchery

And more!


We do not assign homework.

 We encourage children to have extra-curricular endeavors and expand their educational experiences outside of school. Homework is a decision that is made between the student, their parents and/or teacher and based on need. Students generally just continue to work through the course material at their own pace; therefore, there is always something that can be taken home, if students wish to do so. See the Homework Policy for more information on this philosophy.



Rights and Responsibilities

We have the right to be heard and listened to and have our wishes respected.
We have the responsibility to listen to other people and respect them.

We have the right to work in peace.
We have the responsibility to leave others alone when they are working.

We have the right to problem solve when disagreements occur.
We have the responsibility to solve problems with the people involved and to seek assistance from a teacher if necessary.

We have the right to have our things left alone.
We have the responsibility to leave other people’s things alone or ask to borrow something.

We have the right to be safe both physically and emotionally.
We have the responsibility to keep our hands and feet to ourselves and speak nicely to one another.

We have the right to privacy.
We have the responsibility to allow people their space.