Our Mission

At Banbury Crossroads, we provide high-quality education in a nurturing environment for Self-Directed Learning (SDL). Valuing each child as a unique individual, we meet diverse needs in a safe, familial setting. Here, students can develop self-motivation, intellectual achievement, and a strong sense of self. Our innovative methods foster intrinsic motivation, mastery learning, responsibility, and social competence. This cultivates empathetic, confident individuals who embrace life’s challenges and opportunities, becoming compassionate, resilient leaders.

Banbury students on a field trip to Nose Hill posing for a picture by raising their arms
Banbury students take a break sitting on a rock during a hike along heart creek in the rockies

Our Vision

At Banbury Crossroads, we envision an educational future where students are empowered to discover their passions, unlock their potential, and create positive change. Through personalized learning and a vibrant community, we nurture lifelong learners who embrace diversity, challenges, and become compassionate leaders in their communities and beyond.

Founder's Message

Banbury is devoted to harmonious living. Harmony is an elixir of life, a catalyst for inspiration, an aid for accomplishment, a spur for aesthetic and emotional delight, and a precursor for positive human connection.

This does not mean that our atmosphere is always harmonious, or that we would even expect that. No social setting is static. I can’t actually see how it would even be possible to maintain a harmonious stasis, because social relationships are fluid, changing constantly as each individual’s feelings, perceptions, and actions impinge upon the experience of others, in a fascinatingly complicated ripple effect. Any social environment is being created moment by moment. Any life within that social environment is like a unique tapestry that includes not only its joyful, hopeful or serene parts, but also its challenges, difficulties, and dark patches. We need to embrace this richness that life offers, for we learn and grow through every experience.

Nevertheless, Banbury’s culture is based on the concept of mutual respect, so our predominant effort is to create a positive, nurturing, and peaceful learning milieu. Although we know that we are not able to achieve constant harmony, we do need it whenever we can get it. It helps us to clear our minds so that we can get about our business each day. So, our devotion to harmony is partly that we desire and cherish it as a necessary condition for appreciative living and learning, and that we are willing to sacrifice whatever effort it takes to promote it. We at Banbury know that learning is much more efficient, and retains a positive emotional association when people learn without fear and anxiety—when learners can concentrate in a state of relaxation. Indeed, that is the basic value underlying our provision of a peaceable and relaxed atmosphere here. When people feel generally comfortable—when there is mutual understanding and respect between the people they deal with, when they are able to solve conflicts, when they are engaged with their activities and pursuing knowledge about topics they find meaningful when they can see their skills developing, and when they feel accepted as a unique person—then they are much more likely to have goodwill towards others. We are devoted to creating the conditions that promote empathy so that people can get along with others in the first place.

Diane Swiatek

Our History

Our first school

Banbury Crossroads School Society was established as a registered, non-profit organization on October 4th, 1979, to provide legal support for the school’s establishment and future operations. Subsequently, on September 11, 1980, Asilat Learning Systems Ltd. was incorporated, with Diane Cummings (later Swiatek) as the sole shareholder, to serve as the practical entity responsible for running the school.

The school initially opened its doors on November 1, 1979, under the leadership of Principal Diane Cummings, with just two students in a building above. As the student population grew, the school relocated to accommodate the increasing numbers. When enrollment reached twelve, residential accommodations were relinquished in favor of rented classrooms in public schools. For two years, the school sub-leased space from another private school, starting with the old Balmoral Cottage School and later transitioning to the Bridgeland School.

Recognizing the limitations of classroom spaces, the school ventured into commercial premises, first in the Mayland Office Park and subsequently in the Calgary Union Building. Over the following five years, the school occupied another commercial building located near Rouleauville Park, where a space with multiple small rooms was designed. However, as the school continued to expand, it outgrew this location. In August of 1997, Banbury Crossroads School moved to Plaza 14, situated at 807 – 14th Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta.

In the fall of 2005, the school acquired its current and most distinguished location at #201 – 2451 Dieppe Avenue S.W. We are delighted to call this our finest location yet, and we take great pride in being here.

Our Philosophy and Practices

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Our Alumni

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