Elementary children have scheduled breaks during the day (see above chart) and are expected to go outside to obtain some fresh air and exercise. This time is considered a very important part of the school day. There are countless studies done on the benefits of outside play and exercise on academic success and emotional well-being. Teachers may on occasion keep students in at recess times to provide remedial one-to-one assistance, or to participate in extracurricular activities and special events. Teachers may also take students out for unscheduled breaks or outside activities at their discretion. Any students who request to stay indoors during these times are dealt with on an individual basis and are subject to available supervision. Any child who is not healthy enough to partake in the entire school day should instead be at home recuperating.

Secondary students take a 10 minute break in the morning when suitable. They are not to leave the school at that time. At noon, students may leave the school to obtain lunch or get some exercise and fresh air. There are no breaks in the afternoon.

Any junior high student who wishes to leave the school during the lunch hour must obtain a letter of permission from their parents and provide it to the front office. Both Junior and Senior High students need to inform a teacher on the secondary side, as well as the front office prior to exiting. Students must use the front door when leaving on a break during school hours. The backdoors are off limits. This is for safety and insurance purposes. Elementary children do not leave the school without adult supervision.