Time Requirements for Course Completion

Time Requirements for Course Completion:

Academic work is achieved by all students at a pace appropriate for them. Therefore, the curriculum is covered as quickly or as slowly as each individual student requires. The goal is to ensure that progress is competency-based, and that the various aspects of a course of study are mastered to an appropriately satisfactory level before the student is encouraged to advance to a more difficult level. It is important to recognize that the amount of time taken by individual students to complete courses will vary according to the motivation, abilities, attitude, effort, work habits, English competency, prior knowledge and needs of these students. Most courses are designed to be completed within a year. However, courses may be completed in less time if the students are able to demonstrate competency within a shorter time frame. On the other hand, students struggling with the skills and knowledge required by certain courses, particularly if they enter the School with knowledge gaps, may find that it takes them longer than a year to adequately cover these course requirements. The teacher plays a key role by knowing students thoroughly, by assisting in the development of their organizational and study skills, and by guiding their growth as complex and unique individuals.